Night Shift

Director: Zia Mandviwalla
Executive Producer: A Collective Intake of Breath, Michael Bennett and Maile Daugherty
Producer: Chelsea Winstanley and Matt Noonan
Writer: Zia Mandviwalla
Production Co: Curious Film

Featuring: Anapela Polataivao and Leon Dobrinski

Salote, a cleaner at Auckland’s International Airport, struggles to make it through the night shift: doing her job, trying not to draw attention to herself and gleaning her survival from what others leave behind. But Salote cannot escape from the shame of her poverty, the grief and loneliness she suffers and the persistent lack of security in her life. Ironically working in an environment of constant arrivals and departures, Salote feels as though she is going nowhere.

Night Shift is a 2012 film written and directed by Zia Mandviwalla, that had its premiere at the Festival De Cannes and has since travelled to Flickerfest, Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand and New York, International Film Festivals, Sundance, Santa Barbara, Aspen Shortfest. It took home the Firebird Award at the 2013 Hong KongInternational Film Festival and it's win at the Show Me Shorts Film Festival secured it as a contender for the 2014 Academy Awards.

Casting Director: Lucky Gorka Price