Director: Abe Forsythe
Producers: Jessica Cakder, Keith Calder, Steve Hutensky and Jodi Matterson
Writer: Abe Forsythe
Production Company: Made Up Stories
Featuring: Lupita Nyong’o, Josh Gad and Alexander England

After a rough breakup, directionless Dave crashes at his sister’s place and spends his days expanding his young nephew’s questionable vocabulary. When an opportunity arises to chaperone an upcoming school excursion alongside the charming and enigmatic teacher Miss Caroline, Dave jumps at the chance to impress her. What he wasn’t anticipating was Teddy McGiggle, an obnoxious children’s television personality who shapes the excursion’s activities. What he was expecting even less was a zombie invasion, which unfolds after an experiment at a nearby military base goes awry. Armed only with the resourcefulness of kindergartners, Dave, Miss Caroline and Teddy must work together to keep the monsters at bay and carve a way out with their guts intact.