Director: Maximilian Homaei
Executive Producer: Maximilian Homaei and Renae Moore
Producer: Renae Moore
Writer: Shiyan Zheng and Maximilian Homaei
Production Co: Screen Innovate

Featuring: Christian Byers, James Fraser, Lizzie Schebesta, Kelly Butler and Jai Koutrae

Directed by Maximilian Homaei, "Kettle" is a state of mind, where our faith and desires collide, and the choices we make in these crossroads shape who we are as human beings.

16 year-old Kris Cali, is suspended from school after a violent rampage against a classmate, James. While suspended, Kris becomes more conscious of his fractured existence. He is torn between his devoutly religious mother and the inner turmoil of his adolescence, where his hidden homosexual desires for his best friend, Andre, bubbles to the surface. After unexpectedly reuniting with his exuberant sister, Claudia, he decides to sew the tear in his world and express his desires in a community that condemns his sexuality.

Casting Director: Stevie Ray


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