SBS Queer for Short ON DEMAND

Director: Stef Smith
Producers: Belinda Dean & Morgan Benson-Taylor
Writer: Stef Smith
Production Co: Someone Like U Productions

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Featuring:  George Holahan-Cantwell

BASED ON A TRUE STORY. We first meet young Jonny as he prepares to give the performance of a lifetime; a private rendition of 'Happy Birthday, Mr President' in the style of Marilyn Monroe. He is elated, but receives a lacklustre response from his parents and their guests. We next meet Jonny in his early 20s. He’s become a youth leader at a hip, modern Christian Church. After the service he is greeted by his girlfriend and we wonder, how did THAT boy, become THIS boy? Joy Boy follows through a series of fractured events in Jonny’s journey to fully embracing his inner self, his sexuality, and his joy. This is the true story of Jonny, his mother’s little Joy Boy. 

Casting Director: Stevie Ray