Director: Ben Lawrence
Producer: Matt Reeder
Writers: Beatrix Christian and Ben Lawrence

Featuring: Hugo Weaving, Andrew Luri and Hayley McElhinney and Bolude Watson

After decades spent cataloguing the world’s worst horrors, Daniel Fisher is haunted by what he’s seen – and yet he can’t stop picking up his camera. Impending fatherhood doesn’t alter his attitude, much to his partner’s dismay. But when Dan meets Sebastian Aman, a South Sudanese refugee with links to one of his harrowing images of a village massacre, their unlikely friendship has unexpected and rewarding consequences.

Fresh from serving up an intense rollercoaster ride in documentary Ghosthunter (MIFF 2018), Lawrence once again peers into the hearts and minds of troubled men, with compelling assistance not just from seasoned veteran Weaving, but from former garbage truck driver turned first-time actor Andrew Luri. This is a complex and compassionate drama that combines intricate character studies with a clear-eyed look at Australia’s place in today’s changing global climate.