Greg's First Day

Director: Scott Otto Anderson
Executive Producer: Oliver Lawrance
Producer: Florence Tourbier
Writer: Lally Katz
Production Co: Photoplay

Featuring: Nicholas Hope, Keegan Joyce, Ashleigh Cummings, Maeve Dermody and Rachel Celia Massingham

Two men in finance try to find themselves in the world after the collapse of the company they work for. Greg, a young man, should be at the beginning of his career, but suddenly he's at the end of it. Bernard, an older man, should be teaching Greg the ropes of the company. But the company is gone. Bernard will have to teach Greg in other ways.

Greg's First Day, written by Lally Katz is a short film directed by Scott Otto and produced by Florence Tourbier and Oliver Lawrance.

Casting Director: Stevie Ray


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