Death In Bloom

Director: Dael Oates
Executive Producers: Lucas Jenner, Eric Filler and Douglas Howell
Producers: Jonas Mclallen and Dael Oates
Writer: Dael Oates

Featuring: Robyn Nevin and Ewen Leslie

Death In Bloom is a dark comedy about a Door-to-Door 'Death' Salesman, who struggles to close a deal with a fabulously difficult customer, Mrs Patterson.

Posing a simple, yet macabre question:  If death came to your door, would you be picky or would to take the first thing he offered?  

The acclaimed Robyn Nevin plays Mrs Patterson, a wealthy widow taking her time to find the perfect last moment and the highly-credentialed Ewen Leslie as Christopher Crumples, a 'Death Salesman' just trying to close a deal so he can move onto his next unfortunate client.

Part philosophy, part satire, Death In Bloom challenges all notions of a foretold future via a cleverly crafted film whose heart is as funny as it is dark.

Casting Director: Kirsty McGregor


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