Blood Pulls A Gun

Director: Ben Briand
Executive Producers: Alexis Bensa, Jonathan Samway, Nerissa Kavanagh and Gaspard Chevance
Producers: Matt Dooley, Serena Paull and David Gross
Writer: Kevin W. Koehler
Production Co: Prodigy Films / Moonwalk Films / Love Like Films

Featuring: Odessa Young, Josh McConville, Tess Haubrich and Gary Waddell

Alice lives in her father’s isolated roadside motel. She passes her time reading glossy magazines and stealing from the occasional guest but things are about to change. When an enigmatic stranger named Blood checks in, Alice enters a dark and mysterious world that will change her life forever.

BLOOD PULLS A GUN is the keenly anticipated follow up film to director Ben Briand’s enormously popular short, APRICOT. The film’s writer, Kevin Koehler came to the attention of director Briand and producers Matt Dooley and Serena Paull, when he was selected for the prestigious 'Hollywood Blacklist'. Briand and Koehler partnered up on BLOOD PULLS A GUN and have since collaborated on a feature film project, based on and inspired by the short.

Shot by rising star DOP Jeremy Rouse and designed by Alice Babidge and Simon Elsley this coming of age thriller was edited by Luke Doolan and features a pounding and at times dreamy score by Basil Hogios and Jack Moffitt.

Casting Director: Lucky Gorka Price