"Kirsty McGregor. What can I say – her talent for picking talent, her eye for script, character and the Director’s vision is second to none. Love ya work!!"

– Liz Watts, Producer

"Kirsty McGregor, Stevie Ray and their team are quite simply the best casting outfit in Australia."

– Matt Reeder, Producer (Jo Cinque's Consolation)

“Sydney is my go to place for amazing actors and McGregor Casting know who they all are.”

– Matt Skrobalak, Vice President, Talent & Casting CBS Television Studios

Kirsty (the short one) and Stevie (the bearded one) have become the 3rd or 4th best casting team in Australia. If you are after a team who knows actors intimately (and probably inappropriately), who have a respect and knowledge for the craft (by respect and knowledge I mean they treat the actors within the bounds of the law) and Nikki Barrett or Mullinars are busy... these are your people.

They'll have your project cast faster than you can say "please explain one more time why I can't have Mia Wasikowska?” They will also make you look like the knowledgeable, insightful, tasteful director you wish you were.


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