"‘Joy’ and ‘hilarity’ are not the usual vocabulary one uses for the process of auditioning! But with Kirsty - it is an absolute hoot! She puts the ‘director’ right back into the ‘casting’… yes, as a ‘casting director’ Kirsty brings out the best we have to offer. Breaking through nervousness and confidence issues, she tactfully steers us through (let’s be honest here) some of our more dubious acting choices and brings out the best performance one can possibly give – given all the givens of an audition scenario."

– Jacqueline McKenzie, Actor

"Like a couple of pedophiles, Kirsty and I hung out at a skate-park looking for kids to cast in my film I Love Sarah Jane. We did not find our cast there, nor did we get arrested, but Kirsty soon after found an amazing cast of unknown actors. And Mia Wasikowska. Kirsty's the best and she is not a pedophile."

– Spencer Susser, Director (I Love Sarah Jane)

"The only way to elicit great tests from Actors is to create an environment where they feel they are able to fly. Kirsty provides the perfect platform, understands Actors and their delicate and varied processes. When it comes to sourcing talent and understanding how to connect the right actor to the character, Kirsty is inventive and extremely passionate. This is evident in her award-winning body of film work thus far."

– Anthony Hayes, Actor, Director (Ten Empty)