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Our Story

McGregor Casting was formed in 2001 in Kirsty McGregor's spacious one bedroom flat in Woolloomooloo to the rhythm of a very intimately placed train track. By 2002 the business had expanded so dramatically we moved to our lovely Stanmore office and then again in 2011 to our grandiose warehouse premises in Redfern, where we currently reside.

We have consistently maintained and expanded our reputation for being a dynamic and in-demand agency whose work is highly respected.

What makes McGregor Casting great is our team of passionate, dedicated employees who share a passion for film, television and theatre. We pride ourselves on being reliable and producing quality, diverse work.  We’re also quite proud of our ability to "name that tune" and our fancy looking office.

McGregor Casting’s core team consists of Principal Director Kirsty McGregor and Senior Casting Directors Stevie Ray and Gemma Brown.

Here at McGregor's we like coming to work.







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Our Team


Kirsty McGregor

Casting Director


Little is known about the first few years of Kirsty’s life though certain assumptions can be made from a photograph taken of her performing in a 1200 seat theatre in roller skates. Born into a large and creative family, Kirsty was forced to learn varied and obscure tricks to be able to get any attention. By the age of 6 people were paying her for it.

Growing up she performed in various theatre and television shows culminating in the Australian cult hit Bride’s of Christ, where her acting talents were stretched to the limit when she took on playing the role of a good catholic girl.

In her late twenties Kirsty got jack of being cast as a teenager and discovered a passion for casting. She worked for various people around Sydney until she discovered that starting your own business and working from home meant you got to sleep in and wear pyjamas to work.

Thus McGregor Casting was born and Kirsty slogged away creating what is now one of Sydney’s most highly respected Casting agencies.

Today Kirsty works with Australia’s top directors.

She still roller skates.

Stevie Ray

Casting Director


Stevie spent his late teens selling VCRs and TVs and once completing his degree in his early 20s, began collecting other spurious qualifications. He is a qualified blackjack and roulette dealer, he served the good people of York their Fat Rascals for a few months in 2000 and spent late nights rolling biscuit dough in the early noughties. In 2007 Stevie managed to corner Kirsty in a bar and, while plying her with liquor, forced her to give him a job.

He’s been variously described as a drunkard, Jesuitical and bearded. He doesn’t read anything published within the last 20 years and is frustratingly nostalgic. These days when he isn’t calming actors nerves in studio he can be found sweating over his homebrew tools.

If you’re watching something and it’s ace, he might just have cast that one.



Gemma Brown


Casting Associate

We will probably never get Gemma to agree to writing anything about herself, so don't hold your breath.

Ollie McGregor

Casting Dog

Grrwwwhf. Aarrwwwohhrf. Ahgrf.


As proud members of the CGA we are committed to diverse, inclusive casting.